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Beginning Again


Contrary to popular opinion, I’m a big fan of January. I crave the cold, I never feel deflated when the festive season is over, and rather than setting unrealistic goals for myself – I harness the natural desire I have for a fresh start and turn it into crazy productivity. January is easily the most productive month of the year for me. I feel positive, inspired and ready to conquer the world!

So after the rush of December, I’m rarely ready by New Years Day to list my plans for the next year. Instead, I tend to mull things over throughout the month that follows, not setting any serious resolutions, but instead jotting down plans and ideas that I’d like to turn into reality. Here’s what I have so far:

– Run an efficient household
I’m aware that this makes me sound like someone from the 19th Century, but I want to keep my house clean, tidy and organised, and I think that’s achievable. I want to stick to a weekly shop budget for food and household supplies and continue to meal plan in an interesting and adventurous way to get better at using what I have and minimise waste. I’m going to know what’s in my cupboards at all times, and never let clutter build up. Tidy house, tidy mind.

– Work on the house
Please note that this isn’t “finish the house”. I’m realistic, I know that in my terms, this house will never be finished. I’ve spoken to enough renovators to know that once you finish the final room, it’s time to redecorate the first again – or to sort out the garden, or think about that extension, or replace the boiler. I’m not into setting unrealistic goals, so all I want to do is regain my enthusiasm to turn this house into a real home. We’ve come a long way, and I’m proud of that, but for now I’m diving deep into house and interior blogs to get the blood pumping again. First stop: declutter the box room and transform it into an efficient storage space, starting this weekend.


– Pick up new skills
Much like last year, I’m keen to develop some more skills in the kitchen. This year, I’m determined to bake at least one batch of croissants from scratch (all twelve layers!) and start pickling and making my own condiments. Orange curd – I’m coming for ya.

– Get my finances in order
Some major life changes over the past few years have left me gazing at my current bank balance with a mix of awe and horror. This is the year I take charge and become a grown up. I’m going to consolodate and pay off debt, and I’m going to start to save for the future. I’m also going to become much better at being self-employed, promise. Pass me that calculator…

– Even more food
2015 is the year I commit to food even more than I already have. Sadly, that doesn’t mean eating more of it (I’m already on my last belt hole, after all) but it means looking for even more food based work, starting with that little festival I’m helping to organise in May. I’d like more styling and photography jobs this year, more social media work for food brands and more consultancy for smaller businesses and start-ups. All of those things were the most enjoyable parts of my job in 2014, so I hope this year brings more.

– Get a dog
‘Nuff said.

So that’s me. How about you?

  • Yay – I’m glad to have stumbled on someone else who likes January! People always think I’m mad but I love the cold and the freshness – and the weather is also a perfect excuse for indulgent comfort food.

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