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Hey, I’m Lil. I’m a freelance writer and social media consultant living in sunny Leeds, West Yorkshire. I love it here.

For about 5 years I ran the blog A Storm in a Teacup which focused on fashion, beauty and latterly, lifestyle. In 2013 I bought a house and got married and I realised my life and interests had changed quite significantly over the past few years. Instead of clothes, all my spare cash was going on food, furniture and having people round for tea/boardgames/drinks. Thus Whip Until Fluffy was born. Here you’ll find mainly recipes and restaurant reviews (I’m devoted to eating), along with documentation of my new home making its way from falling down shit-tip to warm, welcoming family home. Fingers crossed. I’ll also be sharing my tips for keeping my life organised which I semi-fail at on a day to day basis but still seem to be extremely enthusiastic about… there’ll be before & after pics and EVERYTHING.

Sound good?

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I’m hoping one day Whip Until Fluffy will be a multi-media affair with videos, soundbites and maybe even one day a podcast. Until then it’s weekly recipes, decorating wish lists and progress reports. If you like it here and would like to find me elsewhere, take a look at the following links:

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