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Sharing the Love January

1. Prepping beef bourguignon for NYE 2. The calm before the storm 3. Bread & Butter Pudding at my favourite coffee shop @cupandsaucer_ca 4. Posing with my new mug 5. Lemon chicken, roasted new potatoes & a mixed bean salad by Matt 6. New breakfast resolutions 7. A bloody good burger from @OFMLondon 8. A new year means new decorations for my desk.

Last week was busy. We threw a New Years Eve party for the first time ever. It managed to be a kind of house warming too as it’s the first time the majority of our friends have been in since the house has been in a liveable state. It was fun. We made roast pepper puree (see what I turned the leftovers into here), potato and apple rostis topped with steak, glazed honey and mustard cocktail sausages and pear and gorgonzola crostini. Then we served a beef bourguignon out of a big, steaming pot on the hob. Our first experience of feeding that many people actually went pretty well, but I’d like to get some more practice in… Supper club, anyone? Just kidding.

The weekend just gone was spent painting. Having had a 4 week break while we celebrated Christmas, I was glad to get back to work on the construction site we call home. We’re actually very nearly done with the renovation now, just a few aesthetic bits left to do. We wanted to have the walls finished before our flooring is fitted next Monday, so I feel pretty chuffed. Once the floors are in we can scrub and paint the gloss-work, including the sage green front door and stair risers that I’ve been dreaming of! We’re getting closer to fiiiinally unpacking all of our furniture and belongings, and after nearly 5 months of living out of a suitcase I am beyond excited. Once the floors are fitted we’re also planning on bringing home 2 kittens from Yorkshire Cat Rescue. Too much good stuff on the horizon! Here’s how I’m occupying myself:

Last week I finished watching The Sopranos, which was possibly one of my favourite series of all time. I’ve now got a mob shaped hole in my life. We’ve started watching The Walking Dead now, and I have to admit that I’m loving a bit of Andrew Lincoln back in my life. I’ve read some of the comics so it’s interesting seeing how they’ve been developed for TV. Tonight was the first episode of The Taste on Channel 4. To be honest, I don’t think it’s for me, but I’m going to give it a chance. Sad man-children crying into Nigella’s bosom is all a bit weird for me. What do you think?

Goals for this month:

  • Unpack every box from the garage in the week after the floor is fitted.
  • Buy, collect and construct my new wardrobe before springtime.
  • Work on my idea for a Cook-along Book Club (as mentioned on Twitter). I’m thinking monthly, but I need some inspiration for affordable book ideas – I want to go less straight forward recipe book and more sources of inspiration. Any thoughts?
  • Find some awesome new food blogs to follow and do more to promote the amazing ones I already love.

What have you been doing this week? Did you try any recipes over the festive period that you’re particularly proud of? Do you have resolutions or intentions for 2014? If you’re a blogger, link me up to your new years posts. Say hi down in the comments or over @whipuntilfluffy. Have a great week!

  • LilyLipstick

    I love overnight oats (when I remember to actually make them the night before!) x

    • Lil

      Hey Lily 🙂 I made them for the first time on tuesday and I’m hooked! I’m going to try a few different recipes over the weekend and hopefully write up my adventures next week x

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