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Sharing the Love

Sharing the Love February

1. Finally unpacking my unhealthily large cosmetics collection #sorrynotsorry 2. Katsu Curry with Rice from @_YuKyu_ at Trinity Kitchen 3. Setting up for a Burns Night party 4. Eating What to Eat in February 5. Sweet Cured Beef for dessert at the Beef & Bourbon tasting event at RARE 6. Happy Husband <3 7. Posh nosh at Shears Yard 8. Leeds’ best roast? At Cross Keys 9. We’ve got kitchen shelves! 10. Selfie 11. Veg Board at The Reliance a few weekends ago 12. Learning to love coffee: the one shot Piccolo.

I have to apologise for being a bit few and far between these last couple of weeks. It’s not for lack of inspiration, I promise! Work is busy and I’ve had lots of lovely visits from family and friends taking care of my weekends. One small mercy of living so far from family is when they visit I get to show them the best sights (aka restaurants, cafes and bars!) in town. All for their benefit though, of course *licks lips*. Seriously though, I’ve been so spoilt lately that I’ll be putting together a “Where to Eat in Leeds” post in the next few weeks. I feel like I’m a pretty good authority on that now.

So, because of that, Matt and I are finally waking up and coming out to play after what feels like a whole winter of hibernation. With the house to deal with and a seriously limited budget after Christmas, a lot of our weekends have been spent locked away at home until now. Thankfully we’re getting out and about a bit more again now, eating in new, exciting places and revisiting old favourites too. While we were in though, we’ve devoured a lot of one pot chicken dishes and plenty of box sets, including season one of The Bridge. Love a bit of scandi-noir. Have you seen it? We’ve started working our way through True Detective now.

Things are going well with the house. We now have flooring throughout and skirting boards. I can’t believe how done everything looks. We keep wandering around saying “this looks like a real room now”. We still have gloss-work to paint, starting on the bathroom. After the painting in the bathroom is done I’m going to put together a little Before & After post  – it’ll be our first finished room and I’m excited to share it. When I look at the pictures I can’t believe how far we’ve come. We also have some open shelving up in the kitchen which means I can unpack all my crockery and pans too. I’ll be sure to share some pictures once the wood is oiled and the boxes are empty.  It means I can finally tell you all about my kitchen favourites and must-haves too, something I promised way back when I was talking about How to Eat Well. The kittens have arrived too, so if you have me on Instagram @whipuntilfluffy you might want to unfollow if you aren’t a fan of furry friends. Kittens and burgers are pretty much all you’ll see from me from now on, sorry (not sorry).

Here’s what I’ve been reading over the past few weeks:

What have you been enjoying recently? Let me know what you’ve been loving down in the comments or over on Twitter @whipuntilfluffy. I’ll be back later this week with an event write up and a recipe. But now, I’m off to play with my new kittens!

  • Thanks for the link, love this post. 🙂 xxx

  • Maria Fallon

    Brothy garlicky beans sound amazing! Thanks for the links, these are fab!

    Maria xxx

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