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Sharing the Love

Sharing the Love

1. Chicken Satay Banh mi from @eehbanhmi at Trinity Kitchen 2. Waffles for breakfast! 3. Jen & I last Friday night at Zucco 4. Cheese Tarts for Bastille Day at the Le Creuset store 5. Coffee and cake on a quiet Sunday 6. Sun Devil Scrambler at Home Sweet Home 7. The ever changing & evolving “Salad” at @EatNorse 8. Gin cocktail with pancetta at RARE 9. Matthew with our new baby nephew, Layton 😀 10. Heaven in a corn-based bun from @ArepaArepaArepa 11. My new baby 12. Delving into How to Build a Girl by Caitlin Moran this weekend.

I’ve had such an amazing friend time this week. It might sound soppy, but I’ve had one of those weeks where I just really appreciate my friends: how gorgeous and talented they are, how much they do for me and how easy they are to be around. If we’re relating it to food (the way we always do), this started with huevos rancheros with bestest of besties Anna, last Saturday on one of her flying visits from London, and ended yesterday with fries and Diet Coke from a McDonalds drive-thru with Nicola, Jen and Rob, after a particularly heavy night out in Manchester.

On Thursday night, I went to see Caitlin Moran at Leeds Town Hall. She was as inspiring as the first and second times I saw her speak (and the time she signed my copy of “How To Be A Woman” and told me I was incredible, no biggie), full of life and enthusiasm, so much passion and “I don’t give a fuck” attitude that I wish I could (I’m trying to) emulate. What I’ve known for a while now, and only got topped up on Thursday, is that women are great. I’ve always identified as a feminist and this experience has only renewed my enthusiasm to read more, learn more and fight the good fight – because it’s far from over. While it’s true that Caitlin’s writing resonates to a limited crowd of mostly white, middle class women, I’d recommend her to anyone just starting out. Her rules, after all, are universal: women are equal to men, and don’t be a dick.

On Friday night, Lauren, Nicola, Jen and I took to the streets of Manchester to look for a good time. We drank Zombies in Keko Moku, danced until the early hours and, thankfully, after a mere five hours of sleep in our lovely Air BnB apartment, it all ended with brunch. We taxied to Home Sweet Home in the Northern Quarter, a little green around the gills, and tucked into Eggs Benedict, poached eggs on sourdough with bacon, and for me, Sun Devil Scrambler with extra hot sauce. Top that up with thick, branded, diner mugs of tea and glasses of icy cold Pepsi and we boarded that train as happy campers, bound for Yorkshire.

What I’ve realised over the past few years, is that it’s important to surround yourself with people you love. And, ultimately, ones which you can be really silly around. I know, it’s hardly rocket science, but friendship shouldn’t be work. It should be mutually beneficial and it shouldn’t make anyone feel bad. That’s something I think many young women come to realise in their mid to late twenties, and I’m glad I’ve found people who understand that too. I’ve collected a wide selection of male and female friends over the years, who I’m grateful for and happy to have learnt from – some I may not see as often as I like, it’s hard being 200 miles north of where the first 24 years of your life took place, but I’m so grateful for long standing friendships I can rely on.

Wow, this really is a love-in. Speaking of love, let’s talk about some posts I’ve enjoyed reading lately:

Plenty of posts in the works for the coming weeks. Friday has become my official Whip Until Fluffy day, since I’ve scaled back on work a little, so there should be plenty of recipes coming up, plus hopefully some stuff about the house, which I realise has been sadly lacking. Some of you have let me know via my excessive instagramming that you’d like a post on my kitchen – so I’ve got the handyman on speed dial to get that last bit of tiling done and the shelves put up. Once that’s done, I’ll get snapping. A before & after of the bathroom is just about ready to go, so that’ll be up first!

In the meantime, catch me over on Twitter & Instagram and you can also get more updates from me over on Facebook. What have you been reading this week? Share it with me!

  • What a fabulous post, so lovely to see what people have been up to! I’m such a nosy parker! I cannot wait for your kitchen post.

    Em x

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