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Sharing the Love

Sharing the Love1. Sandwich of kings, grilled cheese 2. Overnight Pork – last week’s Sunday lunch 3. The new William Morris paper at the top of the stairs 4. Food&_‘s “A Taste of Winter” Event 5. Amazing garage discovery, just in time 6. Lunch @tcauldron – this pork wrap blew my mind 7. Comfort food makes bad news sting less 8. TREE!

This week I’ve mainly been reading up on interiors. My habit has gone above and beyond a casual Apartment Therapy browse every now and again. I am fully involved, if you know what I mean. Because the house was such a blank canvas when we moved in (it’s now finally got some paint on the walls, at least) I’ve been drinking in every image I can find, Pinning and Evernoting like crazy trying to think of new and creative ways to use all this space. I’ve found that compartmentalising by room or project has been really helpful, so naturally small project posts with before and after pictures have been my favourite to read.

This week we put some wallpaper up and painted our understairs cupboard door with blackboard paint to serve as a cute and practical place to write shopping lists and notes to each other. It was fun and, more importantly, simple. Having such a massive renovation job to do it’s easy to get weighed down, but getting the little things done really boosts morale. Baby steps, people. Baby steps. Here’s the stuff that’s been inspiring me:

Yesterday we decorated for Christmas. After postponing for a week because we thought we were getting floors fitted (let’s not dwell on that, it’s a sore subject) we got our hands on a tree from the local hardware shop and dug the Christmas boxes out of the garage. The house still isn’t exactly comfortable, since we’re still waiting for flooring and there’s a lot of a plaster dust around, but adding a festive touch or two has definitely made it a bit cosier. We’re away visiting family for the actual event this year and planning on taking a lot of homemade treats with us, so pop back before the big day for a few gift ideas.

Goals for the Next Week:

  • Finish painting the bathroom, put the fixtures up and hang the prints
  • Pick my crochet needles back up and triumph over at least one granny square (Help? Anyone?)
  • Clear the conservatory of all the boxes cluttering it up, make it a liveable space
  • Make a start on gloss-work downstairs
  • Work on some festive recipes to take along to my work Christmas party 🙂

What have you enjoyed this week? Link me up to recipes you’ve tried, meals you’ve enjoyed, home projects you’ve completed or blogs you love. Let’s chat down in the comments or over on Twitter @whipuntilfluffy. Have a great week!

  • Fabulous collection of links! We’re slowly decorating our new home having moved just under 3 months ago so I’m pretty much in the same place in terms of seeking out the best inspiration.

    Franky xxx

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