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Twins on the Way!

So I haven’t posted since July, and let me tell ya, a whole lot has happened since then. 

I’m four months pregnant with twins. “WHAAAAAAAT?” I hear you shout. IKR? Madness. I found out within a few weeks of my last post and since then it’s been smooth sailing. Kind of.

So this week is number seventeen. They’re the size of avocados. I’m still sick, but I think it’s getting better. I hope it’s getting better. I guess the main reason I haven’t been posting is because I haven’t been cooking. Or eating out. I’ve mainly been living on crisps and Rennie. Not particularly great food blog fodder, I’m sure you’ll agree. I hope to get back to the kitchen soon, but in the meantime, here’s what I’m obsessing over:


1. Neutrals We don’t know the genders of our little ones yet. They’re in two separate sacs which means they’re most likely (very likely) to be non-identical. We’ve still not decided 100% whether we want to know or not, but if we do it’ll be before the end of November. Whatever we have, it’s important to us that they’re not blue or pink, if you know what I mean. We like monochromes, woodland creatures and gender non-specific baby-grows. Things like these CUTE leggings from Tobias and the Bear.

2. Nursery I’ve had a board of nurseries on my Pinterest account for a few years now. You gotta catch that shit when you see it, amirite? I’ve been combing through and deciding what I do and don’t like, and what’s gonna be possible for our spare room that’s currently the home office. The box room just ain’t gonna cut it for two. I like rustic, colourful and, you got it, neutral. 

3. Maternity Pillow I bought this bad boy from Mamas and Papas about four weeks ago and it has been a lifesaver. It supports my back when I’m sitting on the sofa and takes the pressure off when I’m snoozing. Plus it’s not pink/fluffy/frilly. WIN! I could actually marry it I love it so much.

I hope to be back soon, but if you’re loving the baby stuff (or you just like recipes) have a little look over at my Pinterest account to see what I’m currently coveting.