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New Mum Wishlist

New Mum Wishlist

If you follow me on my various channels, you’ll probably have noticed that just under three months ago my beautiful twin girls Nina and Ada were born. I *think* I’ve finally wrapped my tiny mind around it and things have started to settle, so while I’m absolutely loving life as a new mum I figured it was time to get this show on the road again. You know, now that I’m all about nesting and kickin’ back with my babes.

Now, not to complain or anything, but things didn’t go particularly smoothly for me during pregnancy, which I’m sure you’ll have picked up on if we crossed paths at any time during those 35 weeks and one day (yes, I was counting. Every. Single. Minute.). And while I’m super glad my little pals are here now, those last few weeks got pretty hairy with hospital stays, preeclampsia, diabetes complications and much more besides. I gave birth by c-section thanks to all those issues combined, as well as the fact that Twin 1 (that’s Nina) was breech. We had a pretty lengthy stay on the Transitional Care ward afterwards, thanks to a postpartum haemorrhage which was followed by three blood transfusions and then a brief trip to Critical Care with hospital-acquired pneumonia. *Deep breath* It’s not been easy, but it feels great to finally be at home with my daughters attempting to recover from it all, sitting on my sofa, drinking tea and dedicating myself solely to looking after myself and my family.

New Mum Wishlist

Now, the reason I know I must be feeling better is that I’ve started shopping again. We had no shortage of clothes for the twins when they arrived but sadly they kinda swamped them a bit, seeing as they were born early (37 weeks is full term for twins and that’s when you’d usually be induced or have a section scheduled if you haven’t given birth already) and only weighed 5lb12 and 4lb15 respectively when they arrived. For their first three weeks they lived mainly in plain white Tiny Baby sleep suits and looked pretty damn cute in the process, but after a while I was longing for baby leggings and cute little cardis. Once I could start putting them in proper outfits I absolutely loved it, and I’ve had more than a few late night Instagram sessions during feeds, finding gorgeous things to lust over. These are the items I’m currently coveting:

1. Jazzy Leggings and Matching Headgear

New Mum Wishlist

I’ve been obsessed by cute leggings since I found out I was pregnant, so it’s no surprise that even with a sizeable haul I WANT MORE. My main haunts are Milk Moustache Apparel, Tobias & the Bear and Maebelle & Bo. I’ve just placed a big order from MMA, but next on my baby treat list for a few weeks time will be these Hearts Baby Leggings with matching hats and mits in both yellow and red. These Twisty Headbands from MMA are also on my to-buy list to match the donut, eyelash and feather leggings the girls already have in their wardrobe. Gonna style these up with long sleeve body suits and bandana bibs for ultimate baby-chic.

2. Teething Jewellery

New Mum Wishlist

This is a really awesome concept that has been executed in such a pleasing, design-conscious way. I love a long necklace (my fave is my terracotta tassel by Gem Smith – more on that in an upcoming post on my favourite independent jewellery brands), but I’ve already noticed the issues that crop up during feeding and cuddles. Organic Mama makes gorgeous pieces made from 100% food grade silicone and are completely safe for little hands and mouths. They can go in the dishwasher, they have a break-away clasp for safety and, the best bit, they’re totally beautiful. My favorite is probably the “Indie“, but there’s more than one on my shopping list.

3. Lush Products

New Mum Wishlist

Lush products should by no means be restricted to pregnancy and new motherhood, but right about now they seem particularly necessary. Because of my c-section wound I wasn’t allowed to use anything fancy in the bath for a while, but showers were a-ok and any little treats I could get my hands on felt extra special during those blissful moments alone in the bathroom. My number one Lush lust is the Salted Coconut Hand Scrub. My sister bought this as a present for me during pregnancy, and I’m totes obsessed. I’m washing my hands so much at the moment, plus my skin is still recovering from the dryness of an extended stay in the hospital, so this stuff is a real godsend. It smells amazing, sloughs away dry skin and leaves your hands feeling supple and hydrated. I’d recommend it to all new mums and, actually, just to anyone who wants to indulge in something a bit luxurious.

4. Everything from La La Land

The Nursery

The girls’ nursery as it currently stands…

I first came across La La Land when Jen bought some prints to decorate our work studio. One of them was the “Support Your Local Girl Gang” print, simple gold foil text on a white background, and when the girls arrived, I figured there was nothing more perfect for the wall. I’ve been carefully collecting prints and cards over the last few months, all of which have gone up in the nursery on a few simple picture ledges from IKEA. The nursery has loads of white, grey and turquoise and an awesome wardrobe system for all those cute little leggings. It’s also going to have a jungle/woodland themed mural painted by a friend, as soon as I get my act together and organise it. I can’t wait for it to be complete!

5. Parenting Books

New Mum Wishlist

Despite its challenges, my pregnancy seemed to pass pretty quickly and I barely had time to pick up a book. I did most of my reading on online forums and blogs, but mostly my research was about pregnancy and birth, rarely what comes after. Now the fog of hormones and illness is starting to clear, I’m ready to restart reading around the subject of raising happy kids. One of the best pieces of advice on motherhood I received from a friend went along the lines of “Smile and listen to everyone’s advice, then make up your own mind”, so while Matt and I don’t put a huge amount of importance on rules and plans, I still get a lot from reading about what works for others and then using that to piece something together that works for us. After a couple of recommendations, I ordered The Gentle Parenting Book: How to Raise Calmer, Happier Children from Birth to Seven by Sarah Ockwell-Smith and I’m really excited to get stuck into that. I’ve also just started putting my baby book together. I’m using a SMASH Book with lots of cute, bright stickers and prints ordered from the Free Prints app to record the twins’ first year.

6. A Whole New Wardrobe

New Mum Wishlist

I wore the same five pairs of maternity leggings, five tops and one coat on a loop during the last four months of my pregnancy. I got so big with water retention towards the end that I could barely wear shoes – only wide fit pumps from Primark two sizes too big and my neon pink Nike gym trainers would fit come the last few weeks. I dropped 25kg (I think that’s nearly four stone?!) in just under a week once the girls had come out – I think I literally wee’d it out (soz), but I still haven’t managed to get myself into town to buy some new threads. After being so puffy, I can’t tell you how excited I was to see my waist and my ankles again. The only thing I have treated myself too is this awesome “Winging It” t-shirt from Selfish Mother. I practically lived in their “Human” baseball tee while I was pregnant and I love the ethos behind the brand as well as their designs. And talking about things I love, I’ve recently become obsessed with awesome blogger Dress Like a Mum, so I’m using her as my postpartum inspo!


I’ll be back soon with some more posts – who knows, I might even surprise everyone (myself included!) with a recipe or something crazy like that! I’ve mostly been relying on Matt to cook me dinner every night, but now I’m feeling better I’m pretty excited to get back in the kitchen… I eased myself back into baking the other day with a simple Rocky Road, so who knows where I’ll go next – the local Co-op is my oyster!